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ALMA Makeup participates in several events, where you can find new, exclusive and sales creations.

35LSundaySales 2019

35L Sunday Sales

35L Sunday is a weekly event that happens within the Second Life Community. All shopping is done in-world by visiting the participating shops. Also you can join the VIP group so you never miss a sale!

35L Sunday Website: Click here

Flickr: Click here

VIP Lounge: Click here



Swank Events

Monthly designer event that opens from the 7th day of the month to 30th-31st.

Visit Swank: click here


Sense Event

This events opens the 18th of each month and ends the 8th of the next one.

Visit Sense: click here

2nd Chance Logo

2nd Chance

It's a monthly event, "is not an event for exclusive creations", it is about bringing shoppers a superb selection of your well crafted merchandise at 50% OFF Sale.

Visit 2nd Chance: click here

E3ENTO antracita - Monthly event starting 11th


Monthly event, the event starts the 11th of every month and it finishes at the end of it.

Visit eBENTO click here

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