ALMA at Miami, Amaryllis Dream

Amaryllis Dream consists of 24 connected sims landscaped by Asha Shui Rhia as continents of the world. A visitor to the Amaryllis Dream can explore the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Australia.

ALMA Makeup has a new store in Miami at Amaryllis Dream.

The new store is located next to an Ice Cream shop, you can eat something sweet while you purchase makeup.

We want to celebrate so if you visit this new store don´t forget to grab the opening gift.

ALMA at Amaryllis Dream: click here

Our Mainstore is located in The Avenue Shopping Center as usual and we also have the satellite store located at PosESioN new sim.

ALMA Mainstore: click here

ALMA at PosESioN: click here


                                           Onix Noir


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