About us

ALMA Makeup is a makeup store for the most popular mesh and bento heads in Second Life.
It was founded on April 14th, 2017 by Onix Noir (Onix1997).  The store begun in the marketplace and a week later the first mainstore was opened inworld.
Today ALMA Makeup has a Mainstore located in The Avenue Shopping Center, a satellite store at PosESioN sim and a new store, opened in Januray 2018, in Miami at Amaryllis Dream.


ALMA Makeup Mainstore

The mainstore is located in The Avenue Shopping Center, where you can find a monthly event and several stores.

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ALMA at Miami, Amaryllis Dream

Amaryllis Dream consists of 24 connected sims landscaped by Asha Shui Rhia as continents of the world. A visitor to the Amaryllis Dream can explore the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Australia.

ALMA Makeup has a new store in Miami at Amaryllis Dream.

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ALMA at PosESioN

The satellite store is located at Zen Soul, which is the new PosESioN sim.

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Also you can find our store at Second Life Marketplace.

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